Father's Day Gift, Wonderful Design Print Shirts

Father's Day for Aussies is coming up soon! September 4 is only a short time away. Whether you're looking for something special for dad, or just need an easy way to show him how much he means to you, we've got a great collection of gifts that will put a smile on his face.

The Coolest Father's Day Gift Ideas

We've got some awesome ideas for cool Father's Day gifts for dads. Our range of cool cotton shirts with our original fabric designs make a great gift for dad. We have Australian animal prints shirts, Australian floral print shirts and our ever popular Australian bird print shirts available in sizes Extra Small to Four XL.

Feel good about your perfect gift for dad as the shirts are made from all natural fibre fabrics utilising Eco friendly printing techniques employed in the fabric printing and Eco friendly manufacturing at the core of what we do! Dom N 8 Design also uses beautiful seashell buttons on our original design shirts to ensure our product does not have any synthetic materials used in the production of these light cool and colourful shirts. We hope fathers all over Australia will wake to Father's Day with a chance to experience the comfort and style of our excellent quality shirts.

The Wombat Shirt is a winner and always a conversation starter, the Kookaburra Shirt always elicits a compliment for the wearer. You will find our Wombat Shirt, Koala Shirt, Sugar Glider Shirt and Platypus Shirt at the top of our list of perfect gift suggestions for our animal prints and that is without even starting on our bird prints. Major Mitchell's Cockatoo Shirt, Emu Shirt and Rainbow Lorikeet Shirt are all a great gift ideas for dad and with many colours to choose from you will find the perfect shirt for dad at domn8design.com!

Over the next weeks we will be adding our Bow Tie and Pocket Square gift set to our online offering. You will be able to choose from a selection of our Australian Animal, Australian Bird and Australian Floral prints available, they make a great gift and have been very a very popular set at our design store and outlets. The Bow tie and Pocket Square gift sets have also been popular with wedding parties and have added some colour and fun to quite a few formal occasions.

Our collection of gifts for dad are guilt free with our manufacturing being Eco friendly and ethical, our fabrics and material being natural. In fact Dom N 8 Design has always over the years made great efforts to offer an alternative to fast fashion and since our beginning days used natural fabric and materials that are planet friendly. Something that other manufactures have only recently started to think about!

With free shipping Australia Wide for our Ozzie Shirt range, we hope you find the perfect Australian print shirt or gift for your father at domn8design.com.

Happy Father's Day for 4 September 2022!

Koala Blue Shirt

Our Aussie Animal Shirt Range is sure to please as a great gift idea!

Magpie Coral Pink Shirt  

Our Aussie Bird Shirt Range is a great gift for any Aussie dad!

Cooktown Orchid Green Shirt

Our Aussie Floral Range is perfectly timed as a spring gift

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